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by Christian Leitner

Question by L K: Can swimsuits be airbrushed so that they are permanent?
I am asking about being permanent in both salt water and swimming pools. Is it like a dye, or just paint stuck on top that will come off in the water?

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Im not sure about airbrushed but you can use a silicone resin. you might want to shave or wax first though because getting rid of it can be pretty painful afterwards

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  1. I am assuming that you mean can a swimsuit that you wear be custom painted and then worn into the water, and not a swimsuit image painted directly onto your body. If the former is correct, then yes, it absolutely can. As an airbrush artist of over 30 yrs, I have done MANY. There are a couple things first: #1, the swimsuit MUST be at least 50% cotton, in order to be made permanent. Most all textile and fabric airbrush paints, (aquaflow, createx, etc) are a water based acrylic paint. The way it works, the garment is painted, then put into a heat press. The heat press evaporates all the water, leaving only the pigment embedded into the cotton fibers, not merely stuck on top. Once this is done, the garment can (but not necessarily required) be sprayed with an acrylic textile sealant. It can then be worn into any water, even chlorine laden pools. Wash the garment in COLD water and allow to drip dry. Hope this has helped

  2. Are we talking body painting? or airbrushing on to a suit?
    Body painting, there are tattoo-like paints that you can airbrush on, and it lasts so-so.
    On swimsuits, because of the synthetic content…that’s gonna be tough…but chances are using Createx Textile paints with additives like Bond-all & Catalyst (both createx products)…that might work. I’d talk to either (or both) Coast Airbrush, or better yet, directly with Createx for tech info. Their tech staff has been very helpful to me in the past.

  3. Like no nickname said the paint has to be heat set. There are additive that can be mixed with pain to make it bind better with fabric. I don’t know if it is thin enough to work with an airbruch but Golden makes a medium called GAC900 that lets any acrylic paint work on fabric when heat set.

    Your best best is to search for fabric paints and find out which ones perform best with different materials. If its womens swimwear it probably be a synthetic material.

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