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Question by ryan_welch1: how can i get my bodypainting video world wide attention?
i am a professional bodypainter, and i would like to know how i can get my video, which is a collection of my work, noticed… i uploaded it to you tube. here is a link:
i would love for my video to get attention….how do i do that?

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Answer by justpassingby
Well by spamming Yahoo!Answers isn’t going to get you too far. You can get reported for this so be careful

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  1. Well…I didn’t take a look at your video..cause I didn’t care. But if you put it on You Tube. And it doesn’t get noticed….then that means you just suck. That’s all.

  2. your link doesnt work. are you getting painted (i hope i hope i hope) HEY….THERES PAINT COVERING ALL THE GOOD STUFF. BUMMER!

  3. well im hooked, just a suggestion dont use men in any photos, kinda ruins the moment (if you know what i mean) like your song choice to

  4. email the video to every news agency and blog you can think of. then wait a week or two and do it once more.

  5. Burn your video to cd’s. Mail the cd with a letter of interest to companies your artwork may be relevant to. Try to make a follow up phone call a week later, and try to get time for a meeting so you can explain yourself further.

    I NOTICED YOU HAVE MANY VIDEOS. TAKE YOUR **BEST** AND MAKE ONE VIDEO/SLIDESHOW ON CD TO DISTRIBUTE. CDR’s are dirt cheap. You can stamp loads of them out, and leave a few around at bars, clubs, wawa, whatever…….look on eBay for cdr’s in bulk, that is the cheapest way to buy them.

  6. Is a video really the best format for displaying your work? I am a fan of body painting, and I liked some of your work, but the video format was so boring that I turned it off midway. Why not use a photo gallery?

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