Question by JOKER: a star wars character question from jabba palace?
me and a girl im dating is getting costumes read for dragon con and comic con.she wants to go as the dancing girl (don’t no if she a slave girl or not)in jabbas mu question is.who’s is that girl whats her name?what race is she?where can i find a costume pattern for her ?a friend is willing to do the sewing for us any help

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  1. her name is oola, just google images “oola” and youll get everything you need

  2. Oola was the green dancing/slave girl who Jabba dropped into the rancor pit. She was a Twi’lek, which means that she was humanoid,

    Here’s a website that describes the costume. It suggests green body paint, and black netting. That’s what you might need your friend’s help with. Then there’s the headtails- the site is kind of unspecific on how they made those, but you could ask your friend to sew two long tubes and stuff them with cotton. Or, a simpler solution would be to stuff a pair of green tights with cotton. There is a pair of metallic looking underwear in the picture- I would get black bathing suit bottoms. I can’t tell if the girl in the picture is wearing anything under that bodypaint, but your girlfriend might want to wear a green bikini top underneath the netting.

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