Liquid Latex Body Paint Artist – (Michael Zigrang) Model – Photographer – Eastman Photography

I bodypainted my friend as a Witch Elf from Warhammer Online. We hit up downtown to catch people’s reactions. Makeup & Film Editing — Lisa Bradley Model — Emily Filming — Rob Corregan Protection (& Tiara-making) — David Green Prosthetic Ears — WCT Productions

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  1. Ya i have a question. Will this also work in sea water? I am planning to do a photoshoot with people completely pained blue and emerging from the ocean. The problem is getting paint that is waterproof. Now i thought latex would be a solution but i have no experience with the stuff. any help?

  2. Nature was very generous with this model, wow!!! Nice work.

  3. ive fucking seen better perv ass punk lol
    go wank over a fucking barbie doll bitch lol

  4. If I may ask, is there any thing that you can say could point me in the way of making this type of costume?

  5. jajaja que locura realmente esos nerd tienen razon en reverenciarte jajjaa, i have never seen a girl and even half crazies as your are lol, but to be honest i do like your costume and your other works, the boring girl and the nerds part was simply epic reactions, thanks for sharing

  6. why didn’t you make the green parts black? It would have been perfect then x O

  7. hahaha it was one of my best friends who modeled for me, and I designed it based on my witch elf that I used to play with! sadly I don’t really play anymore though because the game sorta went downhill

  8. I seen your photos on Deviantart, so I had to come and see this video a few people were mentioning in their comments. I play Warhammer Online a lot and this was very satisfying to see. I will spike the guy who dared say it was a ‘night elf’.

  9. Ah I wish people done more things like this, just randomly brilliant 🙂

  10. I bow to you.
    We’re not worthy!
    We’re not worthy!
    And this will end up on Youtube.—YES!!!!! hahahahhahahahahhahahaha

  11. Next time, you all gotta dress up and the flesh of pigs!

  12. see – more people need to do random and interesting shit like this more often… keeps people on their toes.
    Would be even more funny during the day…. thanks to some alternative hair extensions years ago, nearly caused a few RTAs on the way to the shops.

    Good times!

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