Cyborg Face Painting Tutorial

Hey Everyone! Here is a simplified version of my Cyborg. Hope you Enjoy! This was slightly inspired by Nick and Brian Wolfe. Paints used: Wolfe REd Wolfe Black DFX White DFX Metallic Red DFX Metallic Silver Brushes used: Royal Majestic #0 Robert Simmons Sapphire #0 Soft Grips #0 Mark Reid ChiselDISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these companies mentioned in this video. All of the products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in my video. My opinions are not influenced in anyway. Thank you:o)

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  1. I kept playing the Terminator music in my head as i watched this. Oh yeah and that face looks awesome!

  2. Is your name really spelt Z-O-E-E? That is how mine is spelt and I had never found anyone else that spelt it that way until now!

  3. That’s amazing love it gonna do this for hollween. Thanx much love muah.

  4. hey im studying media and theatrical makeup at the moment. She is using brushes from the mark reid signature brush set. if you just search that into google. its a set of 6 brushes that are all very diffent but very usefull. they where made as a must have for the professional face and body painter. i wouldnt even think of doing a job without those six brushes. hope this helps

  5. Very Awesome!!! You do such nice work!! Please do more of these face painting videos, I really enjoy them. Could you maybe do a what you need to get started …like a “starter kit” video. I really want to get into this but I have looked at tons and tons of products and feel very over-whelmed by all the different paints, brushes so on and so on. I would greatly appreaciate a video like that! Thanks for doing these cool vids for us xoxoxox

  6. Love your face painting! Can you review channels new mascara with the round brush

  7. lol cool ! but your makeup was So gorgeous in the beginning (:!

  8. tutorial YAY!!! where do you buy your face painting products?

  9. i don’t really pay as much attention to your videos as i should… i love your accent too much!!! it distracts me!

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