Tuxedo Bodypaint Momentum Worldwide Australia
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Human Statue Bodyart bodypainted tuxedo suits popular for Australian advertising and creative agencies; Bodypaint hits the target at Momentum Worldwide Australia advertising agency client Christmas party; Corporate marketing, media and event planners take note…

The Human Statue Bodyart creative arts agency continues to be extremely busy of late as Australia heads towards a sizzling hot Christmas.

Tonight the Sydney – Australia based creative arts and entertainment agency, Human Statue Bodyart, bodypainted tuxedos and showcased corporate logos on 3 senior creative directors from the Momentum Worldwide Australia agency at their impressive Pyrmont, Sydney head office. For what you ask? Their Christmas party of course. ‘Mad Men’ (the hit TV show) – eat your heart out baby.

The gig follows a long list of corporate Christmas parties and festive season events that the Human Statue team has been called upon to add a point of difference and wow factor.

We suspect that Momentum Worldwide Australia may have a plan to generate some extra media buzz for themselves and their clients, and we won’t be surprised if they become the subject of a few more news stories before year end.

Self promotion, creative flair and standing out from the pack are all signs of great promoters, and to this end it appears that today’s collaboration between Human Statue Bodyart and Momentum Worldwide Australia looks to have hit the mark. And – it all comes on the heels of Human Statue ramping up their agency focus.

The bodypainted tuxedos delighted guests, staff, the directors, and anyone else who encountered the impressive artwork creations.

Don’t be surprised when Human Statue Bodyart, Momentum Worldwide Australia, and some of their top clients make the news again really soon.

Clients of Momentum Worldwide Australia include Heineken, Durex (condoms), and Listerine.

Like to see your name or client name up in lights?

Pick up the phone or send an e-mail to Human Statue Bodyart and / or Momentum and tell them you read all about the campaign on Google News, Media Man and Street Corner, and we’re sure you will be well attended to.

Seasons Greetings from Human Statue, Momentum and friends.



Body art – bodypaint can be used in many forms for events.

Entertainers and entertainment – 100s of entertainers ready for your special event.

Please visit: www.humanstatuebodyart.com.au or telephone head office: (02) 9713 8933


Tell us that you heard about Human Statue Bodyart from Street Corner and Google News for a special discount! Don’t forget about Christmas and New Years Eve parties coming up. From small events to major events, functions and festivals, the team at Human Statue Bodyart is here to help you see your creative arts and marketing ideas coming to reality.


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