BOOK A BODY PAINTING SESSION: Body painter: Mr Shiz – Sponsor: I Love Body Art – Model: Jade Amanda – Filmmaker: 303db – Music Snakehips – Paint supplier: Mistair –

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  1. look at the description for the link, or use snazaroo, you can getit anywhere. It’s great to start with but then you might want to use something else…

  2. i want to beef up my portfolio by adding some human canvas to it, what type of paint are you using?

  3. Loved this! I was once a model for my ex who is a graff writer. Let me know if its possible to be one again xx Peace, love and Dub from scotland x

  4. You can buy prints displayed at the end of the video, check the description for the link.

  5. Yep she was fucking hot mate. You know you want to hook a brother up 🙂 haha

  6. Sick video and btw i thought i should tell you chrome and black gave me a free sighned one of your hand book its awesome man

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