Body Painting
airbrush body painting
Image by Artekaos
World Bodypainting Festival 2008
Italian Crew Alessandro Rinaldi e Alessandro Piva.

More images on the website:

Airbrush Kate, picture perfect?
The petty and uninformed jabs that have made up the main body of criticism surrounding the painting's debut are mostly in the form of trashy 'lowest common denominator' journalism written with a mind to blindly joining the anti-establishment riot.
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Body of work on display
Mr Taylor said a good tattoo artist must be able to draw and paint besides having lots of patience. "Many people without artistic talent have tried using motifs but failed miserably." Mr Taylor became a tattoo artist late in life after first being …
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Visual art reviews: From Death to Death and Other Small Tales
It has elided with the nude as the airbrush has bullied the ordinary to aspire to the ideal. At a deeper level, perhaps, … Painted in 1932, faced by the Nazi cult of the body, Dix rejects the ideal to assert older, more humane German values. Dada and …
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