Question by Nikki: How to do body to canvas painting like in “Better Than Chocolate”?
I was just wondering if anyone knows how they did the “painting” scene in “Better Than Chocolate” where they painted eachother’s bodies and rolled on the canvas? What kind of paint did they use? Also, has anyone done this before and if you haven’t seen the movie, does anyone know how to do this? How do you paint the body and get it transferred to the canvas before the paint dried onto the skin?
I found an artstore that has “body paint”, would that work?

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Answer by Angie
It should work for any slow drying paint — oil, latex, etc. Make sure that the paint doesn’t have any harmful materials that you might absorb through the skin. Probably non-toxic tempera is the safest, although very little tempera is art-quality.

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  1. I love that scene!! dont use a real canvas, one that big can cost a lot and it wont hold your weight. Use large paper (make sure the paper you use is a paper that goes good with the paint you pick) You can lay it on the floor and roll on it, but if you want to get a good figure of the body the best technique would be to stick it on the wall and press your body against it. The best place to get your paint would be “Spencers” any art store such as “Micheals” and any large porn stores, such as “Castle” or “Lovers Package” .The paints sold there are paint designed for body painting, using regular paint can get VERY expensive and stain your carpet and clothes. Also, these dry fast and can hurt very badly when you try to peel it off your skin and some paints like oil are not good if you breath in large amounts of it. So my sugesstion is to buy bodypaint at an adult store. Have fun!

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