Body Paint Edecanes Inocentes do Belford Roxo had some mixed fee…

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  1. @ceriess, perhaps if you actually *sounded* sarcastic instead of like the closed-minded idiot you were accused of, you wouldn’t have so many comments to spit your acid back at.

  2. Lmao, what a prudish scrub. You’ll rot in the ground like everyone else when you die, except you’ll have lived a boring, bland life.

    Is what I would say if you weren’t being facetious.

  3. Deamonic, you gullible fucking RUBE, now that you’ve completely humiliated yourself by not recognizing sarcasm perhaps you’d like to entertain us some more by choking to death on your own vomit… Just a suggestion, you ludicrous HICK.

  4. If the human form is dirty and shameful, why are we born naked? why were we created in Eden naked? your close-minded idiocy has no place here.

  5. I hope you don’t mind, but I just reported this to YouTube as pornography, and specifically requested that your account be closed down. I really didn’t want to do it, but God made clothes because the human form is dirty and shameful. I feel badly that I also reported you to God, and now you’ll have to burn in hell for eternity. Sorry! : (

  6. oye que buen video se ven pero si requete bien las chicas y como se les mueve todo muy bien amigo

  7. She was getting lots of attention. Lots of people with camers & video. She is so beauiful.I will visit Brazil some day.

  8. Estoy iniciando en esta hermosa profesión que me apasiona y lo voy hacer siempre y ver estas técnicas y metodologías para poder hacer excelentes trabajos me hace ver que todavía tengo que aprender mucho pero mucho, ahora les envió un lugar para que vean y esta fantástico.
    No se olviden de escribir el punto (.) después de cada palabra y por su puesto el triple “w” al inicio, saludos.
    Es impresionante por que poseen un chat en vivo que te responden enseguida.

  9. 7 dislikes? blind men or jealous, tubby women? I cannot imagine any straight man clicking dislike, or even a gay guy for that matter as the costume is pretty extravagant.

  10. She’s 31? She looks 20! I guess all that Samba dancing and taking care of yourself really pays off. Congratulations Michelle on your debut. Gorgeous performance.

  11. Body paint + one beauiful woman = one nice video. I see why the media is going wild. Bravo Brazil.

  12. girls in brazil are soooo beautiful!! and the country itself is amazing….i wish to travel there soon 🙂

  13. Impressive too how the art of body painting and samba can be an interesting combination!

  14. Concordo 100 %. Alem de linda, mt simpatica, atenciosa. Nao é metida com muitas…

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