Model: Hayley Body painting and film: Mr Shiz Mus…

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  1. Hello mate, sorry for the delay in replying, I like Heretic Hip-Hop’s reply but don’t use acrylic nor sharpies. The paint has to be non-toxic and water-based.
    You can use Snazaroo paints (brilliant) or My favourite Mist fx, also Kryolan and Max make up. I don’t use markers as they are not ideal towork with, but Posca’s are pretty good and they say are safe for the skin.

  2. thanks bro. I’m gonna be that guy that uses crayola markers.. lol

  3. Deco paint markers work alright , they’re what I usually use (’cause they’re easy to rack) , any type of water based paint marker is ok really (sharpie, posca, etc). As far as brushing on paint, I’m sure just normal acrylic is fine. It dries fast for layering and washes off pretty easily with a little scrubbing.

    As long as your media is relatively nontoxic you’re good to go , maybe check out shriiimp dot com for more tips , that’s the online graff on girls haven .

  4. Amazing body painting bro. Keep doing ya thing. I subscribed to your channel. Take care.

  5. What kind of paint did you use? I’ve been offered body painting, but I didn’t know what type of paint to use.

    PS there is no video after 3:14.

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