Question by Danielle M: Do I dilute paint for airbrushing when using fabric paint on a t-shirt?
I am new to airbrushing. I am really only interested in airbrushing t-shirts and have a favorite type of fabric paint that I prefer to use. I’ve heard to dilute it to the consistency of milk. Do I do this with water if I am going to use this for fabric painting or will it make the paint not stay on the fabric in the wash?

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Answer by M T
Paint sold as airbrush paint does not necessarily need to be diluted at all. There are fine passages that will require some variance in viscosity and the brush will also be a factor as some are better at spraying bulkier paint than others (like the Paasche VL). The dilution principle derives from using regular acrylic paint actually intended for brushing which contains additives to give it enough body to hold a brushstroke. As a general rule the milk reference is in the ballpark.

As for fabric paints, the paint is designed to withstand washing but even something done professionally will deteriorate with multiple washings and normal wear. If you are using fabric paint then all you need to focus on is the art. You do not have to think about making it thick enough to be strong in the washer. Just make the art how you want it and follow the directions that are applicable to the particular paint you are using. They are not all the same. Some need heat to become permanent while others have additives that do the work.

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