airbrush body painting
by Christian Leitner

Question by ecuatoriano987: How do i go about painting my motorcycle?
Last Year i bought a 2000 Suzuki Bandit 600. It’s black, but unfortunately i have to change the gas tank to a silver one. Since this motorcycle is “naked” it doesn’t have many parts that need painted. This would be a very neat project to start. What would be the essentials i would need to complete this task. Starting with which Paint, sanding method, airbrush, room conditions,etc. please help me out here. Thanks!

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Answer by Antonio

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  1. For street bike advice mate, you would be better asking this question in the street bike section.

    This is only for Racing Bikes.

    I have included the link below for you.

    Home > Cars & Transportation > Motorcycles

    I’m sure the user’s in that section will look after you just fine.

  2. listen take it from some one who’s worked in a auto body shop and seen many many bikes painted. don’t do it yourself. you need a scaled to measure your paint, you need a 100 percent dust proof room, you need to learn how to catch runs in the paint, you have to know all of the sanding steps, you have to buy a decent gun that costs around 200 bucks in its self. knowing how much hardener to add to the clear comes from experience not a table on the side of the can.

    sorry for the lengthy explanation but for me to make you understand better, the cost of all that stuff will exceed the cost to have a pro do it. for a whole bike the cost would be a max of 500 for a few pieces the cost could be as little as 200.

    If you do this yourself it will not come out the way you want it to.

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