Birds, bodies and beauty…
Kate, who is known as Spinks in the art world, said: “I spend time looking at the human form, people's hands and legs, to see what I can see in them to create the birds. “I always line the models up first with a photographer. I paint on the … After …
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Jessica Gomes replaces Miranda Kerr as David Jones ambassador
The retailer officially announced Kerr is leaving after five years, to be substituted by 27-year-old Jessica Gomes, still a celebrity newcomer when it comes to the big world of ambassador life. Judging by the swag of David Jones acolytes who were …

Coney Island's Favorite Fundraisers
There's no word on whether Coney Island USA—which, since 1980, has produced summer programming including the Mermaid Parade, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow and the Coney Island Tattoo and Motorcycle Festival—will open on time this year.
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