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Question by VANZ: [POLL} Best 3D Graphics Software ?
what software u use n interest…

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3DS Max
Autodesk Mudbox
Maxon Cinema 4D
Lightwave 3D
DAZ Studio 3D
Pixologic ZBrush

other software… tell me…

Best answer:

Answer by Derp
I haven’t used any of them
but i hear Maya is used by professionals the most, so its probably the best (and the hardest!)

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  1. Maya

    Stay away from lightwave. It is very limited.

    Maya can get very intense and confusing. Other than that it’s great. Check out Softimage. It’s a little less intense and less confusing than Maya, but also a great program as well. As frustrating as any 3d program can be, learning animation takes a great amount of patience and many breaks of stepping away from the computer.

  2. Really depends on what is intuitive for you, and what you’re doing.

    Personally I prefer Maya. And I use it for most of a project’s workflow, for a variety of types of projects. Modeling, shader networks, rigging, dynamics, animation, and lighting/rendering. Of course if you are up for it, Houdini is the best for effects artists. But the learning curve is the steepest. Maya has gained some of the effects functionality of Houdini with plugins like SOuP(which is completely free, even for commercial productions).

    Mudbox and ZBrush aren’t really full 3d packages, they are more for supplementing full packages like Maya. You can create your base mesh exactly how you want it in Maya(or in ZBrush with zspheres), then export it to Mudbox/ZBrush, and paint the high detail maps(particularly normal maps and displacement maps). Which are exported, and used in Maya to get high degrees of detail. Mari is very good for high resolution texture painting. Maxon Bodypaint is another in that same vein.

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