Question by firtha06: Modeling & Sculpting Software ?
Hi I am wanting to model/Sculpt many things such as characters, Aliens, Weaponry, vehicles spaceships, ships etc etc Whats the best modeling and sculpting software out of Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4d or any other software you’d like to name…

Thks in advance

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Answer by Hridyansh
,”you can use 3d studio max , blender from

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  1. I think the best combination is Cinema 4D and ZBrush. Cinema 4D is very intuitive and simple but don’t think that it’s worse than 3DS Max. It’s even better. Zbrush, on the other side is not so easy to get used to but it’s a really good program. I’ll recommend you a Vray for C4D, too.

    Maxon also have a product called BodyPaint 3D, probably you’ve heard about it. It’s used mainly for making characters and animating them but i think that the C4D Studio Version has all of the tools you need to create a good character and make him move.

    Answer: Cinema 4D/BodyPaint + ZBrush (+Vray)

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