Body painting festival 2012

7° Body Painting Festival 14 luglio 2012, Bardolino. Un terzo in più i concorrenti partecipanti al Festival di Body Painting, quest’anno, a dimostrazione del…

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  1. Very nice, all the models look superb. Nice camera work at 13.00 catching the models nipple going hard as the artist paints it.

  2. the same as going to zoo…. you don’t have to be interested but to increase knowledge 

  3. If its so disgusting why did you watch this vid to see my wife ? for some one that hates it you sure like looking at it !!

  4. it’s a sign we’ve been told about since 1433 years a go, and it says “there will be a non wearing wear women OR Clothed yet naked”
    and we are reaching this sign recently,we were thinking of bikinis or transparent dresses. but now am sure that’s the kind we’ve been told about for sure, and am sure you don’t mind to see your mum, wife, sis to be One of them MR Wise.

  5. whatch this clip [ BL5E2eIqfGs ] and read the translation

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