We Join for Body Paint Artists Hector and Meike from Artwear Fantasy Fest 2012 at The X Radio 104.9 Studios at Cowboy Bills 618 Duval Street, Key West video …
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Festival Paint! How to Body Paint from Free People

It’s Festival Season somewhere in the world! We love using bodypaint for festival face painting, but we also like the thought of using it as an accessory yea…

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  1. I have over 1,000 videos on youtube…. ONLY this one one went viral !
    With 410,614 Views!

  2. nah, I think she looks odd, ‘cos she is trying to stay still for the artist!!! never mind the ‘nudity’ she does not want a messed up art!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Seriously, they are getting painted in a window for the whole world to see and you are saying that. I am sure if they did not want people to see their tits, they would not have done it in the first place…

  4. Body paint was invented so that guys could have a legit reason to watch boobs.

  5. why in the hell are those bitches looking uncomfortable being filmed?! you let a stranger (male and not your husband) see your tits naked and paint them.

    then you’re gonna go parade around and show them off to who knows how many people that could (will) be takin pics and videos. so why get visibly upset when one gets a close up?! you women make no sense

  6. right so fuck what the people you’re filming said or want. as long as someone else says its ok.

    (plus i get to see some tits)

  7. New York bitches. Who needs em? Rude ass twats with ugly, saggy, pancake titties.

  8. Anyone who does this or watches this does it purely because they want to see tits

  9. thumbs up if you clicked on this only to see if you could still see thier tits….dont fucking lie!!!

  10. Yeah W, they wanted to present their mammaries to the local rats. Not my thing-i don’t consider rats pets, but to each their own.

  11. I know But I asked thier husbands and the Artists – and they SAID it Was OK !

  12. It’s the Free People ‘party paint’ on their website.

  13. Love this idea what’s the name or type of body paint being used?

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