Question by Ed 17: Cinema 4D vs. Maya. Thats the question.?
Hey, ive been searching all over the web and i finally reduce my options.
I like 3d software like a hobby and i need it like a work tool. I make building presentations and i like mac, i can make my models in other programs but here is the thing: C4D architectural provides me a whole set of textures, plants and furniture that is usefull, but i like maya cause i can make better animations and i can model fabric quickly as well as i can simulate water. I can use almost all the tools of c4d contrary to Maya.
What is better for me???
Is there another solution???

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Cinema 4D is generally considered simple when compared to Maya. If you’re going to be doing motion graphics I would push towards cinema, if you want to do modeling and character animation then probably Maya.

I attend a school with a motion graphics program and an animation program. Motion graphics students use cinema while animation students are taught Maya. Generally when animation students see Cinema they are impressed with how simple everything is and how easy it is to create complex things. At the same time Cinema obviously doesn’t have the same capabilities as Maya in some areas which is why animation students are taught Maya.

Last thing, Cinema 4D R11 is going to have an architectural version so you may want to do some research on that.

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  1. I feel you should go for Cinema – not because Maya is worse or anything, but your needs probably warrant a more general purpose tool that is easier to learn and handle for commercial work.

    What’s more, you may choose the modules you need, and save money. The new version has much improved character animation functions. And do not forget that C4D has a built-in photoshop like 3d paint tool (bodypaint) of which its equivalent is not available in any other 3d tool.

    For rendering you could get a free license of 3delight, which is an awesome renderer for architectural renders.
    Works for Maya and Cinema4d.

    If you feel you prefer Maya, but miss out on the models, loads of free models are available at:

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