SlideShow “Male Models Body Paint Art” Music: ” Paint My Entire Body Black” Remix -Rollings Stone ..”painting my entire body black and give me words from whi…
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Bodypaint-Artist: Claudia Kraemer Model: Josefine Meyer Film: Markus Gohlke Musik: WirGefühl Drehort: Hamburg 2012 Webseite:

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  1. Beautiful men are masterpieces on their own. Nice video!

  2. I haven’t seen nothing of the kind before. Quite interesting!
    Thanks for the video and for sharing it.
    Carlos María

  3. ..”painting my entire body black
    and give me words from white teeth
    we can follow patterns
    as long as you walk our lives through
    holes and paintings
    of a person i never even
    knew and wanted to be in a million years
    a person i could never even know
    i wanted to say
    i can’t do this.”..

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