Question by Mary Ellen M: How much would it cost to repaint a guitar?
I have a Jackson DKMGT Dinky guitar, theres some chips in the paint, and i was thinking about getting the guitar repainted, possibly in a pretty detailed graphic, and i was just wondering how much that would cost.

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Answer by Eric S
repainting guitars well is not cheap… at all, if you want it done right, you are looking at 350-500 the cheapest.

if you want to do it cheap and cool here is what you do:

1. fill in the chips with some kind of woody putty, sand them down when dry.

2. prime the body with spray primer

3. spray paint the guitar (there are many references and tutorials online how to do a good job with spray paint cans)

4. find a cool artist and have him paint or airbrush your guitar body

5. spray clear coat on the guitar, wet sand it, and keep clear coating and wet sanding until it looks good.

6. put it back together and rip it up!

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