Question by The-Mega-Harrybo: Need a fancy dress costume idea – fast!?
I am 16, male, and need a costume for a party i am off to soon, i don’t really want to buy anything expensive and if i can would rather try make one out of stuff, got any ideas?

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Answer by woodydawerewolf
a women
Homer simpson (shave your head if you really wanna get into it)
Harry Potter
Put on a sweater vest and say your chandler bing
One of the men in black
Crocodile Dundee

If youve got a little bit more time then go around some op shops, theyve usually got costume sections already there and you can get awesome stuff for only a couple of dollars.
Goo luck.

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  1. Zomies are always easy to do with some torn up clothes, tomato sauce and green makeup for your face. Or you could get a black trilby hat and some sunglasses and go as one of the blues brothers. Other options would be to cut up a sheet into strips from a charity shop or an old one you have at home and go as a mummy. Wrap a sheet around you with some rope so it looks like a toga and go as an ancient roman. If you’ve got some muscle to you get a friend to colour you in green bodypaint, rip up a paid of trousers and go as the hulk.

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