black bodypaint
by Frenkieb

Question by qogima: Rorschach costume for halloween?
anyone help me find places where i could get things for a rorschach costume? (from watchmen i dont want to be an inkblot test)

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Answer by Nicole M

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  1. Maybe you could get a silkscreen shop the does T-shirts to custom make you something.

  2. Get some really thin white fabric (like, pantyhose thin), and then sew some really thin black fabric on it for the mask, then get a trench-coat, and finally, a fedora to top it off.

  3. you could most likely find a few articles of rorschach’s costumes in thrift stores, like his fedora, shoes, pants, undershirt, and if you’re lucky the trenchcoat. and as for the mask I think you can experiment with a small amount of white and black bodypaints.

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