Firefly mascot: Hey Zeus
The pug can understand Spanish, French and Italian. “We only speak English when it's not something important,” she said. It helps that Weissman works for a body paint company in Philadelphia. Between the dog and the sun tattoos, she was everybody's new …
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They Didn't Pack Sunscreen, or Anything Else
But they're awfully clean, apart from some Martin Sheen-in-“Apocalypse Now” body paint, and Shane's beard must grow very, very slowly. We see them obtaining food just twice — one snake, one turtle — and Shane and the writhing snake never appear in …
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Aisle View: Exploring the Empire, with Laughs
Complications arise with the arrival of Phyllida Spotte-Hume, a Nellie Bly-like adventuress who has discovered an unknown tribe in Pahatlabong. She brings back a native NaKong nicknamed Luigi, covered in powder-blue body paint with navy blue ribs.
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Glasses mark new spot for Ventura County Wine Trail event
As if on cue, one of two “Living Vine” performers who had been strutting through the event dressed in leaves, grape clusters and iridescent green body paint chose that moment to stroll languidly past Gilpatrick. It was the first time he'd seen he'd …
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