Matrix System Launches 'Artists 4 Education' Campaign
"My team has reached out to custom artists across the country to participate in this unique project and, with no surprise, the airbrush and pin-striping community is bending over backwards to get involved." Custom-painted items range from spray guns to …
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Step-by-step Build: Associated B4.2 Factory Team [Part 2]
Associated has included Pro-Line's Bulldog buggy body and wing set which I had expertly painted by G2 Airbrush Designs out of Stamford, CT. Raul owner/designer at G2 does a fantastic job airbrushing your body and giving it that dynamite look that will …
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The Donald Haire Diaries #1
The rear door, which was adorned with a massive airbrushed painting of a sunset and anthropomorphic cumquat people sipping mojitos, rolled backwards with a screeching groan. Malcolm … It's scary how quickly your body becomes dependent. Don't do …
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