Club Skye Skintimate Affair- Airbrush Body Painting by Dione Christopher pt11.
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Chris Chianelli gets some tips on painting your own lexan RC body.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Parma PAINT is great, but their cans suck. Tamiya has no drip tips which is great. But really, I’ve done bodies with Parma and Tamiya….but whenever it comes to pro racing or show bodies ill use Tamiya and keep Parma for bashing as I don’t do as much detail.

  2. If it were 10 minutes I should be able to pay him like 25 bucks to do my body. That’s a pretty good rate at $150 per hour!

  3. where can i buy an airbrush like this and a compresor

  4. some may have problems with masks lifting because they get their grubby paws all over the painting suface. painting lexan bodies is easy.

  5. I think most people think that too, cans are fine though

  6. I just made my first one today :D. Chevy silverado, Candy red 😀

  7. i have long term problems with masks lifting.. why ?

  8. that scoring technique is so useful. once you use it you’ll wonder how you ever trimmed bodies with scissors.

  9. who trims the body 1st? and I guess i don’t have to use transfer paper.

  10. i watched this vid. went out and got a new body and painted it and it came out nice. i am gunna make a vid with all my cars and bodys hopefully soon

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