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Q&A: Taxis Cabs In Venezuela? – BodyPaint

Question by dvdclarke: Taxis Cabs In Venezuela?
What type of taxis are available in that country?

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Answer by venbus
I am a taxydriver, well, here in Venezuela there is no a rule for a car to be a taxi. Ok, ok, There is a law, but Venezuela is the country when you can do whatever you want. The law or regulation is about size and colors, must be 4 or 5 doors, no hatchback accepted when it is 3 doors. The engine up to 1.300cc, bodypaint color white for the city and black painted for hotels and airports. And that thing in vinyl in the doors yellow and black color saying TAXI. The plate in Venezuela is white, taxis must be yellow, also buses. We have no taximeter. What else? well, this is the regulation but you can see too much cars with a paper in the windscreen saying TAXI, my car is green and I do work as a taxi. Anything else to know? just ask me man….

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