Question by Tasha D: What should i do for my 20th brithday?
my brithday is on May 11th, anyway i am planning having party but should i have greatest awesome party every i has? since my 18th brithday there is only like four people came so i want to do something awesome!

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Answer by Tree of Jesse
My 20th had no real thought put in…but that evening, a bunch of friends got together and made up the place (weird geometric designs in string on the ceiling and a candle ‘shrine’ near the door) and, with loads of booze, the whole things was great. We sailed a burning nest down the pool….everyone smeared themselves in bodypaint and wore fur coats. The girls had dog collars on. What I’m saying is…make do. It’s the spirit of the thing that counts.


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  1. Just call a few close friend and go to a resturant and just have a good time

  2. Have a good time, be safe, don’t pollute the body and get high on life! And don’t hurt anybody! That’s really all there is to it! do something different, be creative.

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