Editorial: Throwback uniforms commemorate ISU history
Gone are the days when black athletes were greeted with violence and outrage, but that doesn't mean the fight against racial prejudice is over. Trice's story … Before covering yourself in cardinal and gold body paint or tipping back a can of beer for …
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Harkin: In closed-door meeting, Southern senator called Obama 'exotic'
A Southern senator described President Obama as “exotic” in a closed-door meeting last month, according to Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin. During a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board Wednesday, Harkin offered his explanation for the …
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A health care work-around for Congress, but not cancer clinics
The Obama administration has released a rule to pay for congressional health plans under Obamacare, showing flexibility critics say was denied cancer clinics under sequestration earlier this year. Senate Republicans amended the Affordable Care Act to …
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