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Question by Gerry J: What is the best method for thinning acrylics for airbush use?
I have bought some heavy body acrylics. It has the thickness of toothpaste. I have been trying to mix it with water, and also alcohol. I always seem to have a lot of unmixed paint when I run it through the filter. Is there a really good way to get the most out of the paint and not have the gunk that sits at the bottom?

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Answer by Natalie O
Sorry to say that your first mistake was buying heavy body acrylics when intending to use them with an airbrush. The heavy body means your pigment is mixed into a very thick acrylic emulsion. It is very difficult to completely break up this emulsion if you need your paint to be very liquid.

The key for airbrush is to have very thin paint. Start with a liquid paint. If necessary for thinning, use an airbrush medium. Golden Artist Colors makes very nice fluid acrylics that are almost pure pigment and can be thinned with either water or their airbrush medium and will keep very good color. There are also paints specifically designed for use with an airbrush.

Stay away from the heavy body paints. Those are meant for heavy brush painting, not your airbrush.

Hope this helps!

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