Mirror, mirror in my hand …

Check out these world bodypainting festival images: Mirror, mirror in my hand … (2) Image by intermayer Shot at the World Bodypainting Festival 2010 in Seeboden, Austria. Bodypainting Artist: Yolanda Bartam, New Sealand. Remarks: the title of the photo might not be the original title of the artwork (given by the artist). If you have […]


Some cool world bodypainting festival images: Hydra Image by intermayer Shot at the World Bodypainting Festival 2012. Bodypainter: Evgeny Koval (Russia), ID007 in the pre-selction “brush and sponge”. —– Fotografiert beim World Bodypainting Festival 2012. Bodypainter Evgeny Koval (Russland), Startnummer 007 in der Vorauswahl “Pinsel und Schwamm”. Working for two Image by intermayer Shot at […]

Meg as an Orc

Some cool sexy bodypaint images: Meg as an Orc Image by greyloch One of my on-line friends, Meghasissues. She produces a webcomic, “I Feel Twitchy” which is very funny and doing quite well. Go check it out. Coney Island Dancer Image by humanstatuebodyart Zeta Bar Hilton Hotel gets Extreme Mermaid Dancer; Creation of Human Statue […]

… leave your hat on

  … leave your hat on Image by intermayer Wild Boy Image by intermayer Shot at the World Bodypainting Festival 2009 in Seeboden, Austria. Bodypainting Artists: Sandrine Lahou. Remarks: the title of the photo is not the original title of the artwork (given by the artist).

Nice Sexy Bodypaint photos

Check out these sexy bodypaint images. All Seeing Eye Bodypaint Image by The Crump Effect My team, the models and I, really want to thank all of you for your support, likes, favorites, comments and feedback. We are glad you like the work we are doing and we have good news. We are now working […]

Art & Writing

A few nice painted girls images I found: Art & Writing Image by WellspringCS Kuja Image by Emm Enn queen frostine Image by merwing✿little dear one of 100 ACEOs I’m painting! Painted in acrylics, embellished with glitter. from Candyland of course. 😉

White Flower

by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos) White Flower White Flower is one of those rare paintings that somehow simultaneously manages to be extremely unique but also very well liked and suitable for most tastes and styles. This piece incorporates only a few colors, but still gives the viewer a complex and rich viewing experience of a simple […]

Cool Bodypainting Archive images

Some cool bodypainting archive images: iModelnet-Showcase-572-Ilda-Chavez-StudioGmedia-SethGarcia-PowerofLight Image by Inspire and Empower iModelnet-Showcase-572-Ilda-Chavez-StudioGmedia-SethGarcia-PowerofLight. The iModel Bookstore has Calendars, Posters and Magazines of Models of the American Heartland Showcases from the continuing image archives of iModelNet.Com, PowerofLightWorkshop.Com and SethGarcia.Org. ▫ ▫▫ ❧ Like me on Facebook: Facebook.Com/SethGarciaPhotographyCom ❧ Follow or friend me on Facebook: Facebook.Com/PhotographerSethGarcia ❧ Follow […]