Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Airbrushing Tutorial

Leave a Comment let me know how I did, Thanks. This is a simple tutorial on how to edit your pictures and get that pro magazine smooth skin effect, at the start of the video my desktop icons in my rocket dock dont show on my desktop, why i dont know but i thought i’d […]

Miniature Airbrushing Tutorial Part One

In this video, I go over what you need to get started with airbrushing miniatures. I’ve slipped annotations throughout for ‘fixes’ and clarifications. The next few videos will be painting tips and tricks. I’ve noticed there are a lot of painting videos out there for miniatures, the problem is that the pretentious little (bleeps) don’t […]

Airbrushing Tutorial – Luminess Air

Hi Bellas, I’m back with another tutorial. This goes in part with my Luminess air review. This is a pretty long video because I show you how to pretty much do the whole shebang…from priming to color matching, foundation, blush, contour, bronzer, blush and even cleaning the machine. It’s pretty much an airbrush 101 course […]

Airbrushing RC Car Realistic Flames – Lexan Car Body Paint

This is a quick tutorial on how to paint realistic flames on an RC car body. Main.TV Reportage aus Mömbris. Main.TV war zu Gast bei Andrea Pischel im Atelier Lizard Design in Mömbris. Isabel Ambos, ein junges Model wurde hier mit spezieller MakeUp – Farbe besprüht und bekam so eine Sommerwiese mit einem gelben Entchen […]

Airbrushing video Tutorials for Beginners?

by Divine Tokyoska-Client List now closed! Question by bms_paul: Airbrushing video Tutorials for Beginners? Can anyone suggest good video/dvd tutorials for someone wanting to start out in Air Brushing. Thanks Can’t use because I am in Australia and almost all the Net Libraries I have looked at don’t have any airbrush videos. Thanks for […]

Does anyone know of any good adobe photoshop tutorials for airbrushing?

by Angelina 🙂 Question by Pinky: Does anyone know of any good adobe photoshop tutorials for airbrushing? I want to learn how to airbrush photos the way they do in magazines but I am clueless and new to this. I want to know how they fix the pictures in playboy to make the girls look […]

What’s with all the airbrushing in Magazines?

Question by bloggerdude2005: What’s with all the airbrushing in Magazines? Is it just me, or are magazines really going heavy on the airbrushing? (e.g. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue- no not the bodypaint, their faces). Do they actually think we can’t tell? It’s almost like we are now watching CGI instead of real people. Best answer: […]