5 Gift Economies That Flourish Without Money

5 Gift Economies That Flourish Without Money People call you over to give you bracelets, beer, pickles, body paint and anything else you can imagine,” writes Burning Man attendee Kimbriel Dean. “Can you imagine what happens when strangers happily give each other gifts all day? How do you feel … Read more on Care2.com Recreating the […]

flourish and blot

Some cool bodypaint tutorials images: flourish and blot Image by HeedingtheMuses model image courtesy Stinkie Pinkie brushes courtesy; ObsidianDawn.com, Hawksmont, Differentxdreamz and PalmsGB splats courtesy Media Militia for It’s and Addition group. tutorial. Personally I would keep it to one style per image and not try to combine; splats, glowing dots and lines, smoke, swirls, […]