Impressive Painted-Bald Head

by Eye – the world through my I Impressive Painted-Bald Head Under the skillful hands of body-painting artists, bald heads look more impressive and eyes-catching than ever. It’s clearly known that body-painting art has become so popular in the recent fashion trend among youth, especially among celebrities. We often think that body-painting art is only […]

My Date With Pyramid Head

My Date With Pyramid Head "Newkd Vegas" was a fun departure from the typical scare factory, using bright colors and 3d effects to heighten the sense that you were walking through the remnants of Sin City, but also showcasing a sense of humor about the whole thing. Sure, your … Read more on Escapist Magazine […]

3D Head Custom Paint Airbrush Body Art II

3DHead Custom Paint in Knoxville, TN, illustrate the lovely Nancy Lynn and Lori for the Tennessee Steelhorse Riders calendar. Tony works on the flames while KW adds the Krazy Klown out our website: for more of our automotive and motorcycle art…and for some great tattoo designs and products check out our friend, Rashan’s […]