home made bodypaint tutorial!! .avi

Fun edible homemade body paint tutorial. Just a quick note since one ingredients is food coloring prolonged exposure may cause some staining to skin and or fabrics. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Painting custom made guitars with acrylic paint..?

by AFlickion Question by Sean M: Painting custom made guitars with acrylic paint..? I was just looking for some instructions either here of a web site that anybody might know that tells how you can paint a solid body custom made guitar that i well build and sell on the Internet with acrylic paint? like […]

Body Painting? Yes, Mistakes Were Made!

Visit Lady Borgia’s Boudoir www.ladyborgia.com Be sure to watch her performances too/: www.youtube.com The adorable Lady Borgia and I decided to make a fun video, where I’d draw something, using her as a canvas. Unfortunately, I was confused about when we were recording and when we were not. We wound up recording all the in-between […]