Cool Bodypaint Store images

A few nice bodypaint store images I found: D7K 4009 Image by Eric.Parker Dyke March. Toronto, June 30, 2012 Only the street shots –


Video Rating: 5 / 5 Reference: After I saw the work Nelly Recchia does with body paints, I was HOOKED! She is so amazing! When I saw her work on the c…

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Bend artist gets body painting break Natalie Fletcher races down the aisles of a Los Angeles-area grocery store with the eight other contestants who made it to this second episode of the Game Show Network reality show ‚ÄúSkin Wars. … Gair followed this work six years later when she … Read more on Bend Bulletin […]

Hyundai Dept Store Body Painting

So I did a mini trip to this store called Kryolan that’s located like 20 mins away from my house and OMG! Their products are amazing! Im going to be going ba… Video Rating: 5 / 5